Corpoflash is an interactive presentation tool that integrates the Socomec Group's main corporate messages.
It has two aims : to facilitate the integration of new staff and to present Socomec to people outside of the company.
NB : A presentation of Corpoflash can be made for you on request. Takes about 30 mn.


Corpoflash is available in the languages displayed below.
Use "Shift + Click" to open animation in a new window.

CorpoFlash[1] FrenchItalianEnglishSpanishGermanChineseVietnamese - updated : 30/06/2013
Subsidiary Chinese - updated : 10/10/2011
Subsidiary india - updated : 20/04/2012


If you click on the following link, you will download a single folder witch content all languages version displayed by the flags below.

CorpoFlash[1] FrenchItalianEnglishSpanishGermanChineseVietnamese - updated : 30/06/2013

due to heavy file weight, available in several parts below :

tree  downloads update
corpo launcher .exe available 07/02/2013
Corpo lanceur (MAC) available 07/02/2013
corpo launcher .swf available 07/02/2013
create a module folder Unzip the following files in a directory named "modules"
global module available 30/06/2013
expertise module available 14/03/2012
historical module available 07/02/2013
facilities module available 14/03/2012
adapted answers module available 14/03/2012
Subsidiary : China - 14/03/2012
Subsidiary : India available 20/04/2012


[1] Multi-lingual version